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Mood swings with copper coil?

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OliveCane · 22/05/2015 15:08


I had the copper coil fitted recently. Since a week after that, I've been feeling very PMS-y (moody;grumpy; sad) even though my period isnt due for 2-3 weeks.

Did anyone else experience this?

OP posts:
Flutterby6 · 05/06/2015 00:17

I have just come across your post as have been searching on Google for an explanation to my sudden and very different erratic feelings and thoughts.

I'm 33 and never suffered from PMT, mood swings etc. my periods have always lasted 5 days and have been very manageable. But I had the copper coil fitted 3 weeks and 2 days ago.

I can definitely still feel it in me - not in a painful way, but it is uncomfortable. I have also been bleeding very heavily for 6 days (lighter for 3 days before also) and am using super super tampons every 2 hours. That's how heavy!

But the worst thing is, I've noticed went completely mental, irratic, irrational and paranoid for 3 days, starting the day before I started bleeding very heavily. I was so crazed, that I was convinced that my boyfriend had been up to all sorts. I was going to split up with him because of being so paranoid... I hardly ate anything and didn't sleep much I was in such a state!

I've heard PMT affects woman's hormones and moods, but have always been super lucky not to suffer at all from this - I got the copper coil to avoid the hormones.

So I don't know what's going on? I have my 6 week check up in just over 2 weeks so am going to stick it out and will come back to you.

At least I have my own head back on my shoulders now, but am still very heavily bleeding with no sign of it stopping and I can still feel it in there...

June2009 · 05/06/2015 00:50

I think it took around 6months or so for my body to get used to the copper coil, by that I meanit took that much time for me to not think about it anymore or 'feel it'.
My periods werereally heavy for 6 or 7 days long, the cycles were quite short.

Things have settled now amd the cycles areprettyrwgular, periods not as heavy (they werevwry heavy durongthe first6 months.

I can also feel myself ovulatong now, whoch I never did on the pill..

Moodwise, well, the pill wasmaking me quite down andI think I have spent the past 6 months on a hormonal 'come down' or 'acclimatisation'
I feel now a bit more stable I think although my mood seems to dip in the evenings (although I think I may always have had that?).

I don't have an answer but I know it does takea long time for
Your body to get used to it amd 'stabilise' both with period amd hormones.

SweetieXPie · 31/07/2015 09:00

Not sure if anyone still sees this thread but I wanted to let you ladies know I have just had the copper coil removed after 18 months. (Took two attempts to remove it, I recently posted on here about having to have it removed with forceps)
I went on it when my youngest was three months as I was breast feeding, with the pregnancy I had not had any contraceptive for over a year.
The first year was ok apart from extremely heavy periods which I learned to 'put up with'
The last six months have been horrendous, I ended up on Iron tablets due to anaemia caused by the heavy periods, I was exhausted, angry,emotional!
I felt like I couldn't cope with the children,it was awful!
Within a few days of removal I honestly feel like a different person, (I don't know whether it is the placebo effect) but honestly best decision I have ever made to have it taken out. I looked up a lot of info on Copper Toxicity, lots of women are reporting the same problems, depression, anxiety, hair loss etc!
I know it works for some, but not something I'd ever go back to x

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