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Family planning

My experience of getting a copper coil fitted ...

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OliveCane · 14/05/2015 15:16


Just thought I should share this as I have been hanging around this section for a year before I had the courage to go to get the copper coil fitted.

I went to a specialist family planning clinic at the local hospital. To my surprise, it really wasn't painful. They used the local anesthetic gel and I had two paracetamols before the fitting. The doctor that fitted it in was a specialist and was very reassuring and answered loads of questions and was gentle. I think the anesthetic gel was really the key.

I've had a smear test that my local nurse did and that was VERY painful. This was not at all. It was bit uncomfortable but not painful.

So if you have been putting it off, go for it! But make sure its with a specialist doctor, at a family planning clinic that provide the local anesthetic gel.

If you are in North/East London, PM me and I can tell you where it was. Thanks.

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helenahandbag · 29/05/2015 14:03

I wish I had this experience, I had a copper coil fitted a couple of months ago at the local family planning clinic and he had to remove it after less than an hour because I was dizzy, vomiting and in so much pain I was rolling around on the bed trying to get relief. Apparently something went into spasm and he was so concerned for me he wouldn't let me leave the clinic without removing it - he actually checked me over for a perforation because my pain level was so bad.

I've been put right off now, I'd been so looking forward to being hormone free too Sad

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