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Family planning

Contraception after miscarriage

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puzzledleopard · 26/04/2015 23:54

I recently had a miscarriage the bleeding has now stopped but I'm not sure if I should wait till my natural period so we obviously will have to use condoms ect or start my pills straight away I'm on cerazette. I've took them on time every time so I don't understand what happened :(
The same thing happened on microgynon 30 and I have a DD whos 4.
I am terrified of getting pregnant again and going through the same thing. I know the pill can cause ectopic thats what they originally thought and classed me as Pregnancy of unknown location but Its been pretty straight forwards. My hormones are all over the place still :(

Anyone else been in this situation? Did you start taking the pill straight away or give your body a break?

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