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Family planning

Big decisions, advice please!

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spinnergeologist · 24/04/2015 18:13


I am currently floundering a bit so looking for some advice. We have one DS currently 15 mths. I had a bit of a hard time with PND and sleeping problems. We have a big decision to either move house or have another child. If we move house first my DS would probably be at last 4 before we had another child for financial reasons. Everyone keeps telling me that its better to have children close together and I really do want another child. However I am really worried about another bought of PND, being financially crippled for 5 years or so with nursery fees and the house not being ideal for two children.

Really not sure what to do and I really need to decide what to do before I have another DEPO injection in a fortnights time. Any advice would be really helpful.


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scaevola · 25/04/2015 07:44

You've posted in the contraception topic, so I'm assuming you want to talk about those options.

How long it takes to conceive after the injection is hugely variable.

But if there is any possibility that you might want to TTC, then switching to a method that is more easy to discontinue would be sensible. Have you taken the pill before, and how do you get on with it?

Otherwise, barrier methods or the nueva ring might be possibilities. Is there an FPA near you? It might be worth making an appointment with them to talk through the options.

goshhhhhh · 25/04/2015 07:50

I have a 4 1/2 year age gap for the reasons you talk about. Mine get on brilliantly. I think you make it work, whatever the gap.

MrsBlondie · 28/04/2015 12:24

Ive got a 6.5 year age gap between my two kids and love it (son is 9 and daughter is 2.5 now). Reasons were financial and also due to son being a horrendous sleeper. Whatever age gap you have youll love it as youll know nothing else.

CMOTGilbertBlythe · 28/04/2015 12:33

I've a 4.5 year age gap between my 2. If anything it's set us back as it's extended the time of having small children at home. DS was born a week before DD started reception class. That meant another 4.5 years until he started school. I'd have them closer together if I'd the choice.

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