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What's the best three-hour progestogen-only pill?

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FluffyKent · 23/04/2015 16:47

I recently went to see a contraception nurse who gave me a list of the three-hour progestogen-only pill: Micronor being top of list then Femulen or Norgeston & am unsure which one to take?

My doctor prescribed me Cerelle but I read so many bad reviews on here, I was dubious about taking it so I went back to speak to the nurse instead. Many of the woman on here had said they was on Cerazette but was either told it wasn't available anymore or just given Cerelle in place of it & wasn't told & they then started getting really bad side effects from it. My nurse told me the name had change & was the same pill but a lot of women on here disagreed?!

Anyhow I have just turned 40 & I have just had my 2nd child 2months ago (bled for about 2/3weeks after birth but not had a period yet) & have not been on the pill for over 4 years now but the doctor won't let me go back on Mercilon (I was on it for over 14 years with no problems) but because of my age & have some slight Verrucous veins that have come up on my right ankle (I also have verrucous veins history in both parents), they won't allow me, so am unsure what pill is the best one?

Any advice would be appreciated? Many thanks

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 24/04/2015 18:13

There isn't a best one as it depends which one suits you. I tried micronor and femulen (femulen was discontinued) and they gave me periods every 2 weeks. When I switched to cerazette my periods stopped completely.

All you can do is try one and see how you get on. You can always switch to a different one if you don't get on with it.

dementedpixie · 24/04/2015 18:15

cerelle is made by a different manufacturer (cheaper!) and has the same active ingredient but maybe has different fillers or coating. It is not the same pill with a different name but a totally separate one

dementedpixie · 24/04/2015 18:18
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