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luteal phase calculation (not for pregnancy but thought I would ask question here)

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Atreelapse · 24/11/2014 09:56

Hi all,

Sorry to post here but thought you guys may know how to calculate when my luteal phase might be, I generally have a cycle of 28 days but now and then it varies (probably every couple of months, it goes all over the lace - 5 or 6 weeks apart, but nt sure that;s relevant!), my period was due on the 3rd of November but it came on the 11th November- so how do I calculate when my next luteal phase will start?

I'm meant to take fluoxetine at the beginning of my luteal phase (and that's just the two weeks prior to my period being due). I don't want to take it for longer than that as I don't need to at any other time.

Any ideas? thank you intelligent ladies :-)

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bakingtins · 29/11/2014 04:42

If your cycle varies between 4 and 6 weeks then I'd think you need to be monitoring ovulation. Your luteal phase is normally a consistent length, if you have a long cycle it's because you ovulate late. Have you tried using temping or Cm to track ovulation?

Atreelapse · 04/12/2014 17:51

Ooo no. I have had to look up both as I didn't know much about either. Thank you for suggesting...! I think the cm thing would mean I am due on for the eleventh again. It's so frustrating- why can't it just happen at the same time every month!
Thank you for your reply

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