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Family planning

Calling everybody on the mini-pill / pop!!!!

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museumum · 04/11/2014 13:24

Please can you tell me which brand you take and if you have experienced either drop in libido or low mood....

I am going to ask my GP to try a different brand and as she has no advice which one and it seems to be trial and error I thought I'd do a straw poll for ideas.


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museumum · 04/11/2014 19:36




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WrappedInABlankie · 04/11/2014 19:56

I was on cerezette - resulted in DS1 e

Was on microgynon - resulted in a rare brain condition caused by the hormones

Put on micronor - resulted in being pregnant with number 2

Labido is a-okay though haha

museumum · 04/11/2014 19:59


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saintsandpoets · 04/11/2014 20:00

Cerazette. Moods unaffected, libido through the roof. Having sex daily to keep satisfied! DH impressed.

museumum · 04/11/2014 21:12

Sounds good! :)

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ihatethecold · 04/11/2014 21:27

I'm on cerelle.
Great for my pmt, no periods.
Don't have much of a libido though.

Innocuoususername · 10/11/2014 12:47

My cycles took ages to get back to normal after Cerazette, had previously been 28 days every month but were anything from 25 to 31 days for about a year. I'm sure this was a factor in the length of time it took to conceive DC1, and googling it it seems others have found similar. So something to consider if you are planning DC in the future. Now on Micronor and it seems fine, no obvious side effects. I have no libido but I blame breastfeeding for that!

Madcatgirl · 10/11/2014 12:48

Was on cerazette. Psycho bitch from hell, bled constantly.

Went back on microgynon. Loss of libido, break through bleeds, hormone craziness.

Kelly008 · 14/01/2015 20:49

Am on Cerazette after having a baby 12 weeks ago. Just started the 3rd pack, have had constant bleeding since starting but it has just stopped the last two days so maybe my body has got used to it. Mood is great but loss of libido maybe due to bleeding so hopefully it will pick up now that ithas seemed to sort it's self out

DefiniteMaybe · 14/01/2015 20:53

I was on cerazette. 10 days in I had headaches from hell, really heavy bleeding and period pain so bad I felt sick. I've stopped taking it now because that was vile.

SparklyReindeerShit · 14/01/2015 20:57

Cerazette. Terribly depressed.

larnieperty89 · 14/01/2015 20:57

Boooo!! Sorry to hear your not having much joy. I was taking cerazette for about a year & I went from being someone who really enjoyed sex to not really being fussed, basically I just couldn't be arsed but it really frustrated me as I didn't know why?!

As soon as I came off it I felt much better & I am now 33 weeks pregnant so safe to say my libido came right back!Grin

Have you thought about changing to a different mini pill? I don't know if there is as much choice as with the combined but I would assume there must be something you can be offered

Good luckSmile

DefiniteMaybe · 15/01/2015 19:38

I've given up on contraceptives, I'm allergic to latex and the stuff they put on to condoms.
I've tried loads of versions of the pill and none of them suit me. I daren't try anything more long term in case I'm stuck with something making me ill.

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