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Is 33 too old to go back on the pill after having a baby?

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mrsm22 · 20/08/2014 19:56

Hi all,

I am nearly 33 years old and have just had my second child 8 weeks ago. I had my postnatal check up on Monday and the doctor have me a prescription for the pill, but I am worried that I may be too old to take it. I've heard that once you get to 35 there are health risks and I'm not far off 35 am I? I am not overweight and am a non smoker. I was on the pill before I had my second baby and was hoping not to be putting hormones back into my body but I think the contraception options are quite limited. I did want to use just condoms but it feels a bit 'not right' as a long term thing with my husband. Can anyone please advise if it is safe to go back on the pill just for a short time maybe? Is anyone else on the pill at or around my age?

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olivo · 20/08/2014 19:58

I had my first child at 32, second at 35 and went back co the pill after I had finished feeding each. I'm still on it at 40.

mrsmaturin · 20/08/2014 20:01

Your doctor will not prescribe something that isn't safe. However you should think about more permanent options if and when your family is complete. In the mean time have you thought about the mini pill instead?

cathpip · 20/08/2014 20:02

As long as you are fit and healthy the pill is still a perfect form of contraception, so my dr told me! I'm 38 and just had dc3, but am insisting on the coil as quite frankly I have more important things todo than remember to take a pill everyday.

ftmsoon · 29/08/2014 07:26

I'm 33 too and started back on the pill after my pfb (16weeks now). It's all about risks vs benefits and the benefit of no baby outweighs any small risk increase of anything else IMO.

AuntieStella · 29/08/2014 07:35

The age 35 guideline (for combined pill) applies only to smokers.

I suggest you start the currently prescribed pill, and then research other contraception options in slower time, after the newborn weeks.

ChunkyPickle · 29/08/2014 07:43

I've decided not to go back on the pill (had to switch types as I'm now 35 - and decided there was too much potential for an issue with the new type)

Instead we're being careful with timings and using condoms (oh, and a baby) as contraception, and considering where to go from here. Personally I think it's DPs turn to be mucked about with and he should have the snip, but that's a big decision to make.

mrsm22 · 04/09/2014 21:14

Thanks everyone. I've only looked tonight to see if there were anymore responded. I've decided not to go back on the pill and DH has been to see about the snip. We are both mid 30's and are happy with our two children, so hopefully this is the right decision. In the meantime we are being careful using condoms,

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