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Mirena and pregnancy symptoms, testing negative

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cazzabazza · 12/08/2014 18:57

Has anyone here fallen pregnant with a Mirena in place and had a negative HPT early on? Or has anyone had strong PG symptoms while using Mirena but not actually been pregnant?

I had my Mirena fitted 8 months ago and once it settled down it's been working really well for me, no proper periods just light spotting, and no cramping.

Over the past week I've been having quite strong pregnancy symptoms, exactly the same as with my previous two pregnancies - both times I've known I was PG before testing positive. I've been feeling mildly nauseous, my sense of smell has gone into overdrive, coffee smells revolting, I'm hungry all the time, boobs are bigger, feeling bloated, and I'm feeling extremely tired all the time.

My Mirena is still in place, had it checked yesterday. I did a HPT and it came out negative (would be 5 weeks pg). I've heard that Mirena can interfere with urine tests and give false negatives, but I've also heard Mirena can mimic pregnancy symptoms.

I don't know whether I should push my doc to do a blood test or whether I should just wait it out and see what happens? Obviously there is a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy and I wouldn't want to leave it too long before checking just in case. But equally I'll feel a bit silly if it's just a hormonal reaction to the Mirena (although would be strange after 8months).

Any thoughts?

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