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Heavy brown discharge

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abithomas635 · 09/08/2014 19:31

I came off the pill last October after being on it about 12 months as it gave me migraines and I was waiting until my periods got back to normal before jumping on any other birth control. I had a normal period in January and February, didn't have one March, April or May. Had a period June but not one July. The periods I had seemed like normal periods, usual things slight cramps lasted a week etc. I woke up on the 7/8/14 to a brown discharge but only when I wiped, this was on and off throughout the day. On the 8/8/14 I woke up to the same thing but went to work as normal but never really went to the toliet for about 7 hours and when I went my underwear was Brown stained with this discharge but once I cleaned up it continued like the other day where it only was there when I wiped. This morning 9/8/14 it was there again but this time with dark red blood. I assumed it was my period so I put a pad there and continued on but when I went to the toilet it was a dark brown thickish discharge (in the pad, sorry about the details) and was only red when I wiped.

I'm only concerned because I've never since I started my periods at 13 have I come across this type of discharge. My GP is closed so the next time I can get there is Monday :/ I'm sorry to bug you all but all the internet searches I did lead me to believe I'm pregnant. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this before and what it was?

Quick update; I've put a tampon in and when I remove it it's just the Brown discharge no blood :/

Tmi here lol: My partner pulls out when have sex if that's any help lol.

Any help would be grateful

Abi xx

OP posts:
CheesyBadger · 09/08/2014 19:53

You do know that pulling out is not contraception don't you? Have you done a pregnancy test?

abithomas635 · 09/08/2014 20:03

I know its not a form of contraception, I'm not trying nor trying if that makes sense. I was going to give it a few days first to see if it turns to a period x

OP posts:
CheesyBadger · 10/08/2014 01:03

Ah ok. I have always had brown for a dat first and at the end so it may be a period

GothMummy · 10/08/2014 01:18

I got this a lot at one time and it was just a hormonal blip, I would have brown spotting for up to a week before my period.

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