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How long until I feel better after Nexplanon removal

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previouslyhappy · 30/07/2014 14:32


This is my first ever post. I was previously a very happy, hard working mum of one, with a loving husband and a great job. I still have these things, but have been very low recently. I'm pretty sure that it was due to my Nexplanon and have been reading other ladies' (and partners') posts about their experiences. Nothing else has changed in my life that would explain such a severe and horrible change.

So, since having the Nexplanon, I have developed migraines, low mood, horrendous mood swings, periods that last forever and a day and a constant hunger (resulting in some weight gain - boo)! I have also had no libido and in fact find the thought repulsive (although my husband is still the kind, supportive, attractive man that I married).

I had it removed yesterday. Yey! However, there is one thing that I need to know (for my sanity)....

In others who have had it removed, how long until you felt back to your normal self? I can cope with bleeding, headaches and weight gain. I just can't cope with this constant sadness and emotional fragility. I also want to know that one day I will want to have sex with the man that I love.

Any advice or info about any of your experiences could be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


OP posts:
Naturalgirl · 08/10/2018 08:32

I’m due to have my nexplanon implant removed on Friday for the same reasons as you. How long did it take before you felt better? X

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