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Mini pill and depression?

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ItWasMyOwnSilence · 25/07/2014 11:19

I'm currently looking into my contraception options after having DD2 (4mo), and it looks like the mini pill will be best as I'm breastfeeding (and intending to continue for some time).

My concern is that there have been links to the mini pill and and depression.

Back story: after the birth of DD1 in 2011 I was diagnosed with PTSD and PND and was taking Sertraline from April 2012 - June 2013 (when I fell pregnant with DD2), dosage between 100mg and 150mg.

I stopped the ADs as soon as I found out I was pregnant and had a horrific pregnancy, suffering with moderate to severe depression, which was controlled to some extent with CBT.

I think I am currently slightly depressed / suffering with stress but don't want to go back on ADs as I think my mood is being influenced by poor diet (DD2 has has multiple allergies so I have had to eliminate quite a few things from my diet) and sleep deprivation.

Does anyone have any experience of the mini pill and depression? As I am concerned about taking something that could trigger depression / low mood.

I've also posted on the mental health board.

Thank you.

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