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Disappearing condom, no evidence.

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Feelingperplexed · 03/07/2014 14:13

Ok so I'm a bit perplexed. Condom split. But base of it still where it should have been. But no sperm to be seen anyway yet he said he did orgasm. So I'm wondering can men have a dry orgasm and should I be worried about where rest of condom is? Surely it won't have completely come off, if still some of it was where it should be??

Don't want a needlessly embarrassing trip to the doctors but I'm feeling very confused.

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AlpacaLypse · 03/07/2014 14:15

When this happened to us I had a bath and eventually found the remains.

I also took MAP as a precaution.

Minime85 · 03/07/2014 20:05

Thanks alpaca

GirlWithTheLionHeart · 03/07/2014 20:08

^oops Grin

Have a good root around while bearing down, it's probably up there somewhere. Definitely get the map top

douchbag · 10/07/2014 13:25

Did u find it?

Feelingperplexed · 12/07/2014 06:29

Douchbag yes I took alpacha's advice and after a while I did. Don't want to be doing that again anytime soon!

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