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Family planning

Natural birth control: some questions

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twolittleboysonetiredmum · 22/06/2014 08:33

I am trying to get my head round NFP after much deliberation and experimenting with forms of contraception. Our family is complete but I'm not quite ready to make that leap into sterilisation (female or male). I have been reading Taking Charge Of Your Fertility and am keen to giveit a go. The edition I am reading is pre smart phones so I'm hoping that there would be a good app that will make charting easier? Also, what type of thermometer do I need to take my morning temp? I have an in ear one but it says they aren't useful. Any tips and answers would be much appreciated, thanks.

OP posts:
scaevola · 23/06/2014 08:43

You might find it worthwhile to have a look at the Fertility UK website.

(Here's their //FAQs page).

If you search for basal theromometers or fertility thermometers there are loads of types. But first choose your route.

I never used an app, so cannot recommend one.

For most reliable results, you need to combine calendar, temperature and mucus. And if you have any other ovulation symptoms, add them in too.

ClearlyMoo · 27/07/2014 00:07

Opposite reason (TTC) but I used MeFertil iphone app to track my BBT. Used a "normal" digital thermometer from chemist £10 or less. With one decimal place ie 36.4°C etc. measure temp under tongue same time every day (they say before you get out of bed - don't drink anything or kiss anyone before taking temp!

First month I used this I could see when I was ovulating due to temp fluctuation EWCM and could also tell that I was pregnant when temp didn't drop at end of month - POAS day period was due confirmed it.

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