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Family planning

Ovranette making us miserable

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FunnyBird · 09/06/2014 18:20

So I tried a contraceptive pill when I first got married, and I gave up because it wiped out my libido.
I've now had the two children I want, and thought I'd try the copper coil as a long term contraceptive. But that fell out. Twice.
So now I'm trying Ovranette. and I feel murderous. It's like constant PMT. And I can't afford to have this impatient rage more than a couple of days a month. My family deserve better. I want to get back to normal after years of little sleep or sex.
I've nearly finished the first packet of Ovranette.
How long do I have to give it?
Is there a chance I'll get used to it?
Do I have any other options?
I want to enjoy my family and my marriage. Sad Sad

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