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Re-started Cerazette after giving birth but am I ovulating?

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redambergreen90 · 08/05/2014 21:31

I gave birth to my first baby five weeks ago. I re-started Cerazette 22 days after giving birth (the leaflet says if you start between 21-28 days after giving birth you are instantly protected). To be on the safe side I waited until day 8 of pill taking before me and DP dtd and then we dtd again last night (day 12 of pill taking).
Today I have had a clear jelly like discharge which I know can mean that I am ovulating. Could it be that Cerazette isn't working properly and I am still ovulating and if so does that mean I could be seeing baby number two on the way a lot earlier than planned? Starting to get anxious now!

OP posts:
Minime85 · 09/05/2014 07:15

sorry I don't really know the answer but it sounds a bit like it. could it be from after DTD if u know what I mean though?

Lorelei353 · 09/05/2014 08:02

I often got discharge like that after dtd - even when I was on Cerazette. Never got pregnant! (But did quite quickly after coming off it).

mrsmopps · 15/05/2014 21:15

cerazette thickens cervical mucus so it may be that

ilovepowerhoop · 19/05/2014 16:36

cerazette thickens the mucus to help prevent sperm from getting to the womb. It could also be a mix of mucus and sperm.

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