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Family planning


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mummynatty · 29/04/2014 13:27

I had my daughter 3 months ago now I went back on pill last Wednesday as couldn't decided what to do and I'm terrible at taking them already not taking them right !! So thinking towards injection as then don't have to worry about forgetting to take pills only thing that's really worrying me about it is if my fertility never comes back as we probably want at least one my child but not for good few years at least. And are you still covered if your sick or have the runs? Want some info to help me make my mind up :) thanks

OP posts:
ilovepowerhoop · 29/04/2014 16:35

the injection can delay the return of fertility for up to a year (or more in some cases). I put on tons of weight and bled all the time with it so its not a contraception I would recommend.

How about the implant (I've not tried that) or the mirena coil (I have this) as at least if you dont get on with them they can be removed again.

PotteringAlong · 29/04/2014 16:39

On the other hand I had it and I loved it! No adverse effects and have come off it and successfully got pregnant twice - it took 7 weeks the first time and 12 months the second.

Grotbagstwin · 29/04/2014 16:42

I also had bpno problems with the injection. No bleeding, no moodswings or weight gain.
It works if you have a sickness bug etc. it took me 8 months to concieve after coming off of it.
I had the implant and had huge weight gain, spots, moods and spotted for the whole time I was on it. Everyone is different. Once we have another dc I will go back on the injection.

Yorky · 29/04/2014 19:00

I had the injection while at uni and had no problems. I used it twice after babies 2 and 3 (one injection each time) and had subsequent DC with a less than 2 yr gap each time! I now have the implant, and again no problems although I am having fairly regular periods whereas when I had it before DC I didn't have them for ages, which was nice.
Like you, I don't like to depend on something which relies on me remembering to take it!

mummynatty · 29/04/2014 22:41

Thanks for pros and cons I don't fancy implant heard so many problems with it and feel horrid under skin so not for me coil I don't fancy having something inside me :/

Both my aunties are on injection with no side effects and no periods they think that I can't stop worrying about is if my fertility doesn't come back cause do want at least one more like I said :/ is it a defo it'll come back? Does anyone know

OP posts:
ilovepowerhoop · 30/04/2014 08:21 says:

Fertility does return once the injections are stopped, but the time varies from one woman to the next. Most women should start to ovulate 5 to 6 months after their last injection, but you may not conceive until 10 to 15 months after your last injection (or sometimes even longer).

(remember it may not stop your periods as it made me bleed all the time)

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