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Anyone else feel like their hormones are ruling them?

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Bellini12 · 27/03/2014 14:28

This is how my month goes..

Period finishes - feel great, full of energy, positive thoughts
Ovulation - slight cramps but feeling frisky!
2 days after ovulation - REALLY sore breasts which lasts till period
Week before period - feeling down, no patience with the kids, anxious, craving crap food etc

I hate how I am ruled by this month after month.

I tried 1000mg of starflower oil which I think helped marginally but the sore breasts still occur (also I'm not that regular so I could have 2 weeks of uncomfortable sore breasts).

I tried the pill again but it changed me into a crazy woman (despite having no probs before kids).

I'm temped to try the Mirena but I'm so worried about getting bad skin as I struggle a bit with this already and the thought of the faff, discomfort and bleeding is putting me off. But then if someone said it would solve my moods and sore boobs I would be elated!

I'm 40 btw (but feel I have as many symptoms as a teenager!)

OP posts:
MrsHoolie · 27/03/2014 23:36

If the pill changed you into a crazy woman then a Mirena might too. Some people find it affects their moods despite the Mirena only releasing 'localised' hormones.
In my case the positives are no periods!However I also have No sex drive so getting mine swapped for a copper coil hopefully.
There is no perfect contraception is there?
And can you imagine if men had to put up with periods?!

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