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coil fitted tomorrow but spotting now?

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tortoisesarefab · 14/01/2014 19:50

Will i have to rearrange? Think i am getting af. I have an appointment to get the coil fitted in the morning and have waited ages for the appointment. Any advice appreciated

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Honeydukes · 14/01/2014 19:56

I think that it's preferable to have it fitted during AF because then you're protected from pg straight away whereas if you have it fitted any other time you have to use extra protection for a week but I'm not 100% sure

tortoisesarefab · 14/01/2014 20:41

Thanks, i suppose i will just have to ring in the morning and see what they say. Really annoying if it doenst go ahead as i will have to get someone to mind the children again and god knows how long i will wait for an appointment

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