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lilybeansmummy · 04/01/2014 19:28

Hey not sure if this is the right thread or not but anyway......
I had a laparoscopy in sept due to ectopic and had my tube removed, I had my first proper period and the end of oct but haven't had anything since so I am roughly 4 wks late (def not pregnant!!) has anyone else experienced this? Don't know if it's normal or not so don't know if it's worth going to docs! I want to start trying soon for another baby but obviously can't til my periods are back to normal, wud just like to know how long it takes! X

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AuntieStella · 06/01/2014 17:50

I think you might get better responses if you ask MNHQ to move this to "Conception"

Yes, it can take a while for everything to settle down after any gynae intervention. I'm really not sure there is a 'right' time to take amenhorrhea to the GP. When your worried, I suppose.

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