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Family planning

good/bad experience of sterilisation

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tiamariaxxx · 27/12/2013 08:49

Hiya im 28 and have 4 children, always been open minded to having more kids but atm im thinking NO NEVER AGAIN. I dont want to spend the next 15 years or whatever worrying about contreception so thinking this would be best in long run stop any accidents.

Me and my hubby have discussed it briefly hes against having the snip and hes got an active job would mean him having time off and loosing money, so thinking sterilisation. Last time we talked about it we ecided to leave things for now although he does want more kids its not him who has to go through it and stuck at home all day.

Just wanting peoples good and bad experiences dont think i know anyone personally whos had it done so be nice to hear stories

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MrsVaughnRice · 27/12/2013 09:02

Bear in mind that female sterilisation is actually less reliable than the implant, and a lot more risky and expensive, so the NHS is institutionally reluctant to prescribe it, especially for a woman in her 20s who might change her mind (and a significant minority who are sure they'd never change their mind actually do).

Have you tried the implant?

tiamariaxxx · 27/12/2013 09:20

yes i have tried implant i didnt like it i havent reacted well to many contraception

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Vajazzler · 27/12/2013 09:28

I was sterilised during the csection birth of dc5 who is now 4. I haven't had any problems following the procedure and like not worry about condoms as I hate hormone based options. I would recommend it if you are sure your family is finished. I have had 5 csections and knew I couldn't risk a 6th. I have been very broody the last year or so and knowing my ease of conceiving I know I would have had a 6th that realistically we couldn't afford or find space for.

fanjolina · 27/12/2013 09:39

There is a new type of sterilisation - Essure (I think that's the name). Can be done without general anaesthetic and you're home the same day. Would be worth looking into.

tiamariaxxx · 27/12/2013 23:03

Thanks ill deffinately have to do a bit more research and talk to gp before i make any decisions

OP posts:
RandomMess · 27/12/2013 23:07

I've been sterilsed after 4 dc but my youngest was 5 at the time and I was 38 so much younger than you. No regrets.

My plan had been to have 2 x mirena coils to give me 10 years of fairly reliable contraception but tbh I just didn't get on with it so that was a no go.

I waited to mine were of an age that if the worst happened and they were killed that starting again wouldn't really be a viable option. Horrible thought but you have to think of it being the end of any option.

TheFuzz · 16/01/2014 09:13

Had a vasectomy myself. Thought this would be easy. First testicle was no pain, second terrible agony. Been in pain ion both ever since (over a year).

Had further surgery, that's not cured it.

Despite it being a relatively simple procedure, there is a huge cover up about Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome. It's very common (1 in 10).

If you are deciding upon this, I would strongly recommend that the procedure is carried out in a hospital by a surgeon, certainly not a GP.

My surgeon says the issues are common but can't be fixed. If you get the long term pain, you are basically stuck with it, even removing the testicles will still leave you in pain oh how I've asked for them to be removed). The team that I saw before my second surgery said they see lots of men coming back in after a vasectomy at a GP practice.

This has to stop !

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