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Copper coil fitted 2 weeks ago , can't feel strings :-/

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Lonelybunny · 04/12/2013 23:17

I had a copper coil fitted 2 weeks ago. Luckily a very experienced family planning lady fitted it and explained she would do it very carefully as I'm still breastfeeding which keeps the womb soft Etc. she showed me what the strings felt like by showing me an example but I can't blooming find them . DH said he can feel something spikey so I'm guessing that's then but I'm so paranoid this thing is going to fail us after reading so many stories of missing and dislodged coils on here. I've also been getting bad back ache so it's making me paranoid it could have moved ?

OP posts:
honeybeeridiculous · 05/12/2013 07:17

Hi, I've had mine a year now and have never felt the strings! GP says they are there but she almost loses her arm trying to find them! My cervix tilts backwards apparently so it's harder to feel, I had backache too for a while but it wore off, if your worried get your GP or nurse to check.

Steben · 05/12/2013 07:22

OP I have had mine a year and never felt strings - to be fair am v squeamish so have not had a good root around if I am honest. But with regards to back ache is this common? I have suffered really badly with my back recently but never made that connection!

Lonelybunny · 05/12/2013 07:53

Thank you for your replys ladies , I dnt personally like trying to feel for them but I have 3 kids so really it does need to be there lol! Sorry TMI but dtd last night to see if DP can feel them and he said he can't (much to his joy ) but I'm confused as to y he could feel them last week but not this week :-/

OP posts:
Lonelybunny · 05/12/2013 08:07

As for back ache I never had bad lower back ache like this before yet I've had it on abd off now since coil was fitted so assumed it was that but it was bad yesterday so I was wondering if we had dislodged it upside down or something Grin

OP posts:
honeybeeridiculous · 05/12/2013 08:43

My DH has never felt them either, get yourself to GP just for peace of mind or you will drive yourself mad

Lonelybunny · 05/12/2013 08:49

I will mention it to them thanks :)

OP posts:
kalidasa · 05/12/2013 09:07

Can't feel mine at all either, never have been able to. It is normal for your cervix to move during the month - it is lowest around the time of your period and highest around the time of ovulation, so that may be why your DP could feel them before but not now. Also, the strings are designed to 'soften' and wrap round the cervix after a week or two so that they don't interfere with sex so it may just be that.

Do you not have a follow-up appointment? I had to go back after a month or so anyway for them to check it.

PacificDogwood · 05/12/2013 09:13

The strings soften with time and become more difficult to feel for you and him Wink.

Also, they can wrap themselves around the cervix and then are only palpable with a bit of rummaging around.

I think routine coil checks are no longer offered as a routine, but you could certainly get a GP/nurse/FPC person to check for you. Just to be sure.

PacificDogwood · 05/12/2013 09:13

Ah x-post with kalidasa - wot she said Smile

Lonelybunny · 05/12/2013 09:23

Yes I'm booked in for a check up in December , I haven't had a period since November 2011 as I got pregnant then and I'm still breastfeeding and was on cerezette 5 weeks ago so no idea when I will get a period so that's not much help at all , perhaps I should wait it out then, she said it seemed to go ok etc so I should prob stop worrying but it was the back cramp that worried me a bit but sounds normal if u lovely people can't find yours either Grin

OP posts:
ilovepowerhoop · 05/12/2013 18:46

I cant find my (mirena) strings but unfortunately my coil is no longer where it should be. I have had an ultrasound and xray and need to go for a trans-vaginal scan to locate it as it seems to be in my pelvis but not where it should be (they can migrate through the tissues of the womb or become embedded in them - dont remember them telling me about that when I got it fitted!). Have had to take other precautions for the time being and my next rummage about appointment is on the 16th December. TBH I just want them to take it out now.

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