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Missed 3 Cerazette Pills!! Help...

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ahxxx · 24/11/2013 20:32

Ok so I messed up my pills I started taking cerazette mid August so I'm half way through my 4th pack I take it at 8:30 every morning without fail! few days got a bit crazy lots going on and I just completely forgot to take them! now for the tmi part....Unprotected sex took place on the 1st and 3rd missed pill days! didnt even jog my memory to take them!! I carried on taking my pill as normal on the day after I missed the 3rd day. I didn't take any extra though :-/ I have 9 pills left til the end of my pack. Chances of pregnancy!? also if I did end up pregnant would it be ok that I took the rest of my pill pack. Do I carry on to my 5th pack as if pregnancy did occur it wouldnt show by the end of my 4th pack in 9 days. Any help please. other experiences and stories please.

pregnancy wouldnt be a bad thing but sooner than would have liked. so want to know as much info as poss from others.

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MikeTheShite · 24/11/2013 21:13

sorry im currently dealing with my chickenpox riddled cerazette baby.
I missed one... found out 21 weeks later Shock

ahxxx · 24/11/2013 21:36

I have read a lot of people that have fallen pregnant while on cerazette without even missing any pills! did u carry on taking them as normal after you missed one. this is the thing this pill has made my periods crazy spotting for weeks on end never know when I am meant to have a period!x

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MikeTheShite · 25/11/2013 11:22

I did as I didn't realise Smile

ahxxx · 25/11/2013 21:16

thank you for your comments x

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ahxxx · 28/11/2013 11:15

bumpety bump

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PacificDogwood · 28/11/2013 11:18

I am confused as to when you missed how many pills, but either way:

  • do a pregnancy test
  • consider recent intercourse as unprotected, so get MAP or a copper coil fitted
  • consider an alternative method as pills not taken (whether Cerazette or any other) Just Don't Work
Rhododendron · 30/11/2013 09:40

Cerazette isn't approved for use in pregnancy. It's too soon for a pregnancy test to work yet, so you should talk to a doctor asap. See the NHS Cerazette info page Having said that, don't freak out because apparently there's no evidence it can actually harm your baby, there just isn't enough evidence that it won't for people to be comfortable.

You totally can become pregnant just from missing one pill, but apparently it typically takes a couple of weeks of stopping for the contraceptive effects to wear off, so a decent chance you aren't pg.

If you miss a pill but then go back to taking them, the risk of getting pg lasts for a week afterwards so take suitable steps.

Rhododendron · 30/11/2013 14:21

I reread my last post and decided it came across far too negative, sorry! Here is another go:
You are highly unlikely to be pregnant, and if you are you needn't worry about the pills.
However, take a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks to be sure, and if it comes up positive then see your GP.

ahxxx · 03/12/2013 22:50

Update....So one week after my missed pills:

Had a very heavy bleed this morning which seems to now be getting lighter as the evening gets on....

My periods while being on this pill have been very light spotting so this heavy bleed came a bit of a shock

Could this be like a withdrawal bleed from missing my pill :-/ has anyone else had this after missing more than 1 pill?x

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WeMustGetOffTheMountain · 26/05/2016 23:42

Sorry I know this is ages and ages ago but I'm intrigued to know the outcome - did you end up pregnant?

AENt2ta · 16/06/2016 21:32

Really need peoples advice I took a pregnancy test and it said it was positive and then I took 2 more they where negative.. im 9 days late ...on the pill (cetazet) missed 2 stupidly. Not sure what to do or how long I should wait until I take another one??
Any advice much appreciated!

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