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Cerazette - When did you get your first period after stopping it?

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junkfoodaddict · 23/11/2013 21:35

I stopped taking cerazette on October 15th but I haven't had a period. I know it can take a while, which I am not used to as with microgynon when TTC DS, I had to wait only 4 days for my period.

I was planning on coming off it at Christmas with a view to allowing my body to find it's cycle before TTC DC2 around March time.

In all honesty, I was glad to come off it after just five months- bloating, no periods but period pains every four to five days, spotty skin, mood changes, thinning hair, increased appetite, weight gain etc, etc.

So it has been about 5 weeks since my last pill. I had five days of very, very light brown smudge that looked more like dirty mucus (sorry!) a week later but that is it. My boobs were tender on and off for three weeks and I had period type pains on and off for the same length of time. I took a pregnancy test after 10 days and it was negative. Since then, nothing; absolutely nothing. No symptoms of anything! The good thing is my appetite has descreased, I am no longer bloated, my hair has stopped falling out, my skin isn't as spotty and I am more pleasant to be around. Grin

I think I just need reassurance that my period won't be long so I can start tracking my cycle. I am 34 if this may in any way help!

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GeeinItLaldy · 23/11/2013 21:38

It took about 5 weeks for mine to come back after stopping Cerazette.

I was 35 and conceived on my 3rd cycle after coming off it. Stopped taking it end of June 2011, baby born almost exactly a year later :)

Good luck!

Felix90 · 23/11/2013 21:39

Probably not what you want to hear but I stopped cerazette just before Christmas 2012. No period until March, but fell pregnant in April! So it did take a while for my period to re-appear!

junkfoodaddict · 23/11/2013 21:49

That's okay Felix90!
All comments welcome. I am not planning on TTC until March. As long as my period reappears before then!
On a 'worst-case-scenario' - how long would you leave it without a period before venturing to the GPs?
Stupidly, I did this on my last pregancy. I had been taking a pill to stop my period (whilst TTC but told to take a test a day or so before my period was due - negative!?!?) and told the GP on visiting for what I thought was an unrelated problem (suspected DVT so needed a sick note until a diagnosis was made - it wasn't DVT but pregnancy!) that I hadn't had my period. Said about the BFN but then was told I had a BFP!
On writing this, I am slowly crapping myself now!!!!!!! A pregnancy wouldn't work at this time (March onwards, yes!!!!). Should I take another pregnancy test?

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theoriginalandbestrookie · 23/11/2013 21:56

Almost identical to Felix90 ! Took about 2-3 months for my period to come back - ended up happening on 2nd day of honeymoon, but got pregnant after first period.

Felix90 · 23/11/2013 22:23

Hmmmm it's quite a difficult one, as indeed there is every possibility you could be pregnant (assuming you haven't been using protection?) but it may just be that your period simply hasn't arrived yet. I only stopped taking cerazette as it was sending me a bit mental, and didn't actually mean to get pregnant. I never went to the doctor about lack of period as I assumed it was just my body re-adjusting. Plus I'm so lazy when it comes to seeing my GP... So it was a massive shock when I got my BFP in May Blush

If you're worried about it you should go and see your GP just for reassurance. Better safe than sorry!

jellybelly18 · 23/11/2013 22:31

I got mine quite quickly and I was on it for about 7 years. I thought with Cerazette you are supposed to get a 'rapid return to fertility'

junkfoodaddict · 23/11/2013 22:53

Well mine's not rapid! Not sure what to do next after DC2 as I am fed up with pills but hate any other type of contraceptive as they seem invasive to me. Trying to persuade DH to get the snip afterwards.

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junkfoodaddict · 23/11/2013 22:54

Didn't mean to shout jellybelly18

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