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Family planning

sterlised at 25

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fee25 · 22/11/2013 09:59

am 25 and have two children, i deffo dont want anymore children do u think they will sterlise me? ive been thinking about it alot and really want it done as i have tried alot of other contreception but they dont agree with me.

if they do sterlise me what happens?

OP posts:
meditrina · 22/11/2013 14:43

In general, NHS only carries out sterilisations on people over 30, but they can do it for younger people. Expect detailed ore-op counselling though.

I know it seems patronising, but those requesting sterilisations when under 30 have to jump though a huge number of hoops to 'prove' they mean it yet still have the highest proportion seeking reversals. Hence the reluctance by providers.

It's worth asking though - the worst they can do is decline, or defer (though that may be for some years).

It's also worth bearing in mind that (according to the FPA) the failure rate is 1:200 (which is much higher than I'd thought) compared to vasectomy (1:2000) or implant (about the same as for vasectomy). It might be worth an appointment with a specialist family planning nurse or doctor to go through all the options in detail.

wonderingwendy · 29/11/2013 18:10

plus you have to have a bmi of under 30 before they will sterilise you.

KepekCrumbs · 29/11/2013 18:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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