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Minipill - what happens to your eggs?

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Pinkspottyegg · 11/11/2013 09:02

I'm on cerazette but it's to balance my hormones rather than as a contraceptive (DH had the snip) so I don't get migraines.

I never have a period on this pill, I never have to get checked for blood pressure etc like I did with the combined pill (is this normal) and generally hormones seem to jog along quite nicely.

This works fine for me however now that I'm heading closer to 50 I'm curious about what will happen to my body and how will I know I've hit the menopause. Will I get a hormone drop anyway, if I came off the pill will I be more fertile cause I still have all these eggs in my body or do I? Where do they go if I don't have a period?

Just curious

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