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Sterilisation/ovarian cyst removal recovery

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DLCC · 17/10/2013 13:09

Dear All

I had a 7cm dermoid cyst removed last Wednesday via laparoscopy, I also had a hysteroscooy to investigate endometriosis (nothing found there). As the consultant was in the relevant area at the time I asked him to sterilise me as well (I'm 42 next month and have two dc's) I've tried every contraceptive going and couldn't get on with any of them. Procedure went well, I have three incisions where the laparoscopy was performed and they are healing well. I am still bleeding but wondered whether this could actually be my period as it's gone from spotting for two days to quite heavy? And my period would usually be due now? Also, I wanted to know when I could running and swimming again and also, 'resuming relations', with my partner! It wouldn't be until I stopped bleeding and my tummy was ok, but I wouldn't want to damage where the cyst was removed? I've been signed off for two weeks.

I just wondered whether anyone had been through the same?

Many thanks

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