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Family planning

Had last baby, usually heavy periods, what would suit best do you think?

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jennimoo · 03/10/2013 07:31

I have my 6 week check on Monday and want to talk contraception as don't plan on another one! I'm BFing.

I thought the copper coil would be a good choice but I already suffer with heavy painful periods (take mefanamic acid to deal with them successfully though). Is it likely to make them worse?

I also thought about the mirena but not really in a good place to test it out in my sleep deprived state!

I've been ok on the depo injection before although probably put on weight. I definitely put on weight with implanon and had to have it out early as after a while seemed to affect moods and had constant spotting...

Any thoughts? Mini pill the best option for me, do you think?

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