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sorryitsanotherpilone · 19/08/2013 11:51

I'm currently pregnant but thinking about what form of contraception to use after dc is born

This will be our second child and at the moment we don't know if we would have a third or not

I don't want to go on the pill tbh as I've done a lot of research and know there is an increased risk of breast cancer with cerazette which has previously been the only pill that worked for me.

I also don't want the implant. Im worried about just condoms so was wondering what's left?

Could anyone enlighten me on other forms of contraception and how they work.

Many thanks

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sorryitsanotherpilone · 19/08/2013 11:58

Should also add I have damage to my cervix and vagina from previous birth (awaiting surgery after the baby is born for this) but been told I can use IUD due to this

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EdithWeston · 19/08/2013 20:23

One of the other non-Pill hormone methods might be suitable - injection or implant?

jammiedonut · 21/08/2013 04:35

You can have the injection, although this does carry a risk of osteoporosis (sp?). There is also a contraceptive patch, but have had no experience of this myself to advise whether or not it is any good. If you are worried about relying too heavily on condoms have you thought about getting a diaphragm for yourself? You can use that with spermicide gel and use in combination with condoms or without, and give your body a break from all the hormones.

SexEdukation · 21/08/2013 06:36

What about Nuvaring- ring you wear internally for 3 weeks then put in fresh one after a bleed. You may have to fight to get it prescribed but it's awesome

koutaliaphobe · 23/08/2013 00:43

As far as I'm aware, all hormonal contraception carries an increased risk of breast cancer (but reduces risk of some other cancers, such as ovarian) so if this is your main consideration, you need to use non-hormonal methods. The copper coil is the only long-acting non-hormonal method, other than that it's barrier methods only (condoms, femidoms, diaphragm/cap)

aprilj11 · 23/08/2013 13:28

Just want to add that if you are looking into barrier methods, you might want to check into Fertility Awareness (or NFP, basically the same thing).

It is a way of tracking your ovulation so that you don't have to use the barrier throughout the month, only during the (usually) 5-7 day window a month that you are actually ovulating. It makes using the barrier much easier because its not something you have to remember every time.

I use a device called Cyclotest to help me easily track my fertility. Highly recommended.

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