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MAP doesn't work when you're most fertile?!

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LittleNoona · 26/07/2013 19:39

Just googling the effectiveness of the MAP and found that it won't work (apparently) if you are at the most fertile time in your cycle.


Had a contraception slip up last night, about midnight, condom came off inside me Shock

By the time DP fished it out it was almost empty.

Checked on my period tracker app and I'm slap bang In the middle of my fertile days.

Looking for reassurance I guess. I have a dd who is 14, too big an age gap I think.

Am now bricking it that the MAP may not work! Took it within 12 hours btw.

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AnnabelleLee · 26/07/2013 19:42

I don't know what you read but its not true. There is no reason it should be. It works in the majority of cases, irrespective of cycle.

LittleNoona · 26/07/2013 19:51

Thank you!! Smile

I googled it - it was a Telegraph article.

Mind you it was dated 2011 which I've just noticed going back to it now Blush

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