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Contraception post LLETZ

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missymarmite · 05/04/2013 00:40

Last may I had a mirena coil fitted. I have to say it was highly traumatic. The fitting took over 45 minutes, during which time the doctor seemed to have a lot of trouble getting one in, she had to attempt it at least 3 times with 3 coils!!! During this time i involuntarily pushed out the speculum several times too, and it was exceedingly painful even though I'd taken cocodamol and ibuprofen previously. 2 months ago I had a colposcopy due to abnormal cells in the cervix, and I can truthfully say that it was a lot nicer than having the coil fitted despite the fact they cut 3 bits of my cervix off for biopsy!

Last week I had a LLETZ treatment for the abnormal cells under general anaesthetic, during which the consultant removed the coil to avoid infection.

So, now I'm back to square one! I'd rather have the LLETZ treatment all over again than go through the last coil fitting fiasco, even though I really loved it once it was in. I had minimal bleeding post fitting, only light pain after the first day, and no period since the first week. Has anyone been able to have the coil fitted with local anaesthetic? Anyone else had a similar problem with fitting?

I'm worried because DP has said if I don't have a reliable form of contraceptive he'll get the snip, but I don't want something that permanent as I'd like to keep my options open. I just can't face that experience again!

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Coffee1Sugar · 05/04/2013 09:26

Well I've just had my mirena out painlessly to ttc no 2 and had mine inserted under GA during another op so no experience of it being painful being inserted but perhaps the second time your cervix is "use to it" and less painful? Otherwise have you thought about the implant or injection or pill?

missymarmite · 05/04/2013 18:16

I know lots of people who have had problems with the implant. The pill has lots of issues, not least of which is my ditziness when remembering to take them, and I imagine having to arrange trips to the doctor every 3 months to be a hassle and also liable to be forgotten! The coil was wonderful once in but horrible to be fitted!

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