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My period won't stop, I'm feeling knackered!

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ihatethecold · 12/03/2013 20:18

I have been on femodette pill for 2 years to help with painful periods and pmt.
it has really helped on both problems.
I missed a pill 4 weeks ago and took 2 the next day as per the instructions.
I had breakthrough bleeding for the whole pill packet of 21 days.
I then had a break for 7 day and came on properly by day 2 of no pill.
I have now started the next pack of pills and I am still bleeding a lot.
I'm so fed up with it.
I don't normally have any breakthrough bleeds, why now?

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ihatethecold · 13/03/2013 12:26

bump, anyone

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Hassled · 13/03/2013 12:29

I'd give your GP a call. That's a lot of bleeding - you must be feeling wiped out.

I had a period which wouldn't stop a couple of times (not on the pill though) and was prescribed Progesterone which, while it did send me loopy for a few days, did sort things out.

ihatethecold · 13/03/2013 17:29

Don't fancy going loopyShock

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