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Cerazette...going crazy or could I possibly be.....??

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peapop · 15/02/2013 14:48

I had been on cerazette for 5 months before i stopped taking it 8 days ago. I have been on it previously prior to a mmc but for some reason I couldn't settle on it this time, often having constant spotting or a period every 10-14 days. It also massively changed my mood, recently I have been so low.
I suffer from constant daily headaches and in a desperate attempt to eliminate any possible causes or triggers and fed up of near constant bleeding I decided to come off the pill.
I stopped mid packet but I had a period 3 weeks ago and one 2 weeks before that so I was fully expecting to at least have had some spotting by now.
Has anyone else had similar experiences??

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DancingInTheMoonlight · 15/02/2013 19:54

I have just come off it for the same reason!

girlsyearapart · 15/02/2013 19:56

I came off it too after bleeding on & off, painful boobs and feeling like rubbish. Now on microgynon

notcitrus · 15/02/2013 20:04

I got terrible PND the second time I took it. Though was ok first time so it didn't occur to me or GP there was a problem, but I went from near-suicidal to almost fine in under 48 hours.

peapop · 16/02/2013 08:55

yes I can sympathise with that. I very suddenly become overwhelmed with life, last week was my lowest point and now I'm off it it seems a world away!
how soon after coming off it did your periods return? I can't believe I haven't yet after near constant bleeding when on it?!

OP posts:
DancingInTheMoonlight · 16/02/2013 13:13

I had a period 2 weeks later. Feel like a different person too!

peapop · 16/02/2013 17:41

2 weeks ok, so I shouldn't be worrying yet? I just expected something considering the way I was when on it.
I cant understand how readily they recommend it considering how much it affects your mood its just awful. I def feel better being off it and wont be using it again!

OP posts:
DancingInTheMoonlight · 16/02/2013 18:16

Me neither! i don't think I'm going to risk anything else.haven't found a pill to suit me and the arm implant was a nightmare!

peapop · 23/02/2013 17:07

Well its over 2 weeks since I came off the pill and 5 since I had a period and still nothing. POAS on Monday and it was negative. What's going on?? When would you test again/see GP?

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smellysocksandchickenpox · 23/02/2013 17:09

it made me ker-azy!

and periods took a year to get back to being properly regular after stopping

peapop · 23/02/2013 18:11

A year?! blimey, its the worst pill, everyone seems to have bad experiences on it. I was just worried and anxious constantly when on it and although I feel better mood wise I'm still worrying now cos no period!!

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