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really need some advice please???

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absentmindeddooooodles · 14/02/2013 11:41

i have just started taking the mini pill 14 days ago, all seemed fine and then early hours of this mornig i had awful cramps and have started bleeding and clotting really badly. dont know if this is normal or if anyone else has experienced it? i had my ds 22 months ago now, and went onto the combined pill 8 months or so after having him, but had to come off it as i bled constantly for almost 6 weeks, and had suspected bood clots on the lungs. :/ so was really hoping that the mini pill would work!! Dont want to bother the doctors with this just yet so any advice or experiences would be so greatly recieved!!

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ilovepowerhoop · 14/02/2013 18:59

which mini-pill is it? The mini-pill can make periods irregular and you can bleed a lot or not at all. I had fortnightly bleeding with femulen and micronor but no bleeding for 3 years with cerazette (I had a longish period to start with and then the bleeding stopped with the occasional very light spotting afterwards)

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