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Implant removed, serious herpes outbreak - linked?

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Jetblack61 · 04/02/2013 10:19

Hi all,
Had my implant removed last Monday as I am hoping to get back to some sort of normal cycle before we TTC later in the year.

As yet, no side effects of removal, other than a serious herpes outbreak which is really ouchy and it likely that this is linked to my now possibly crazy hormones that haven't been in action for the last 5 years of having an implant?

I have outbreaks every now and again, but certainly not as bad as this one and it seems coincidental to me that I now have hormones ( Blush )and it's kicked off in a major way!

Any thoughts...?

OP posts:
Wishiwasanheiress · 01/03/2013 20:32

None about the contraception but hugs and sympathy for outbreak. Agree ouchy!

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