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Which POP?

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AmandinePoulain · 27/12/2012 10:50

I am looking into contraception options, having had dd2 5 months ago. We haven't used contraception for a few years, and used condoms in between the dds. I am breastfeeding, so the combined pill is out, and I'm not keen on having a coil or implant (I'm a wimp Grin). I'm looking into POPs and wondered which one people would recommend? I love the idea of lighter periods, and would like to avoid weight gain or spots if possible. I trust myself to take it on time. Any experiences? Thank you Smile

OP posts:
dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru · 27/12/2012 15:54

I first tried femulen and micronor but both gave me fortnightly periods. I then tried cerazette and was on it for over 3 years. For most of that time I was period free so saved a fortune in sanitary towels! (I had the odd light bleed but not very often). It also has a 12 hour window to take it rather than the 3 hours for the other POP's.

Sidge · 27/12/2012 16:00

Cerazette is generally well tolerated, many women don't bleed at all (or if they do it's light, scanty and infrequent) and as PP said you have a 12 hr window to take it.

It's my POP of choice when prescribing (I'm a FP trained practice nurse).

SantasHairyBollock · 27/12/2012 16:02

I have tried Noriday and Cerazette but found them both grim TBH. I had Mirena fitted when DS was 4m and BF, it's great and only 10 mins of embarassment for 5 yrs contraception.

AnnoyedAtWork · 27/12/2012 16:05

Love cerazette

No periods Grin

Love it

AmandinePoulain · 27/12/2012 16:28

Thank you Smile

I'm having a smear on Monday (oh joy Grin) and I'm going to ask for a prescription at the same time. I love the idea of the coil, it's just the thought of the insertion that puts me off.

OP posts:
HarlettHoHoHoScara · 27/12/2012 16:36

I've just gone back onto Cerazette. Used it for a few years them came off it to TTC (which I did...quickly). Baby is 6 months old now and I've just started taking it again. I did have regular periods on it which I think is fairly rare but they were very light and only lasted a few days.

Eachpeachpearwherestheplum · 27/12/2012 20:43

Sidge what are your experiences of weight gain and Cerazette? I loved Yasmin but started to find my mood became very low so GP switched me onto microgynon 30. Seems ok but I have put on a few pounds. GP said Cerazette would be a good option but I was concerned about weight gain??

Sidge · 28/12/2012 09:43

Eachpeach IME women who gain weight with hormones (especially progesterones) tend to be women who gain weight easily anyway. Progesterones can increase the appetite so if you find it difficult to regulate your appetite then most hormonal contraceptives can have an effect on your weight.

However I do find very few women gain weight with Cerazette; the COCP such as Microgynon can cause bloating and fluid retention but I don't find that so much with Cerazette.

Progesterones are funny, I think they're like Marmite - women either love em or hate em! For example I don't get on with them at all (mad bleeding patterns) but I'd say 90%+ of women I start on Cerazette love it. The bonus of a POP is if you do have weight gain (or other side effects) you can stop the Cerazette and it's "out of your system" within days, so the weight should come off quickly if it's purely due to the POP.

AnnoyedAtWork · 28/12/2012 10:12

I thought oestrogen was the culprit for weight gain not progesterone?
Cerazette has not affected my weight btw.)

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru · 28/12/2012 12:56

there is no oestrogen in the depo injection but I put on hundreds of weight with it (and also bled a lot) - wouldnt recommend it at all.

Sidge · 28/12/2012 13:22

No oestrogen can cause bloating, fluid retention and breast tenderness but it's the progesterones that tend to cause true weight gain.

Eachpeachpearwherestheplum · 29/12/2012 20:55

Big thanks sidge I do have a supply of Cerazette to try from GP. I am 32, what would you do? Loved Yasmin, great skin and no fluid retention. How is Cerazette with mood?
If I did change from COCP to mini pill, how would I best do it?

Sidge · 09/01/2013 11:03

Sorry for the delay in replying eachpeach I've been away!

Re Cerazette and mood, I find few problems but some women do get increased PMT with POPs; true mood lowering can happen , but also with COCPs.

Switching from COCP to Cerazette - complete your packet of 3 weeks of pills then start Cerazette the next day, so you don't have a pill free week. Then you are continuously covered.

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