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off Cerazette for 6 weeks now and still no period....

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Tommy · 10/11/2012 12:43

I know I shouldn't complain Grin but I came off Cerazette because I thought it was stopping me lose weight, have had huge boobs since taking it (again - some may say I shouldn't complain but....those enormous bras are expensive!) and I we thought it was time DH took responsibility.
But...six weeks in, no period, still have huge boobs and not lost any weight despite changing my diet.
What's going on? Would really appreciate some advice.

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Tommy · 10/11/2012 18:49

any takers?

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UndercoverExpert · 10/11/2012 18:53

Is there any chance you could be pregnant?! How long had you been on Cerazette for?

Tommy · 10/11/2012 18:57

that terrible thought had crossed my mind TBH but I certainly don't feel pregnant - it would be pretty unlikely since mostly we use the abstinence method these days.... I'd been on Cerazette for about 5 years

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UndercoverExpert · 10/11/2012 19:01

Are your natural periods (ie when not on any hormones) regular? Cerazette inhibits ovulation, and usually ovulation (and therefore a regular cycle) will kick in again very quickly after discontinuing it, but if you have a history of irregular or infrequent ovulation/cycles, these could be your default pattern. How old are you, if you don't mind the question (asking in case you could be perimenopausal)?

Tommy · 10/11/2012 19:11

thanks undercover expert - don't mind the question - I'm 45. Pattern was fairly regular before all this baby lark - have been pregnant, trying to get pregnant or on Cerazette for 11 years so what my "normal" cycle is is anyone's guess! I have done a bit of Googling and found that pregnancy symptoms and/or thinking your period was going to arrive (and then it doesn't) as I've been feeling are not uncommon. Just not sure if I should go to GP?

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UndercoverExpert · 10/11/2012 19:18

Maybe you could check a pregnancy test just to set your mind at rest, then give it a few more weeks to see whether a cycle re-establishes itself, and see GP if not?

Tommy · 10/11/2012 19:33

I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant (bloody hope not!!!!!)
think I will give it a few more weeks - thanks for your help

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