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ang1977 · 28/10/2012 19:08

I have had the nexplanon implant since 03/02/11 and my periods have remained pretty much monthly and lasted 5-7 days. I have not being having a sexual relationship for some time (about 3 years) until September when I slept with someone not using a condom because of the implant. The first time we slept together was 18th September and I had a period 2 days later,We last slept together 8 days ago and not in between we currently live 300 miles apart, he works full time and I am in my final year as a nursing student so we dont get much time together. The the last period I have had was 20th September, then some light bleeding, just on wiping not even needing a panty liner around 13th October. I have done two home tests the first one had a very feint positive line and the 2nd was negative.

I am overweight so do not know if this has effected the effectiveness of the contraception.

I am really unsure now and keep hoping my period will start, is it possible I could have got pregnant the first time we slept together ?

I know I need to go and get a blood test at the doctors, I just don't want to sound stupid. I am 34 and feel like a teenager, my other children are 13 and 15.

Has anyone experienced this and is so what was the outcome.

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AllIWant85 · 29/10/2012 11:39

I haven't been in the same situation as you but it's very unlikely to get a false positive.

Could you get a sensitive test (I found Superdrug own brand ones good) and test with fmu? If still unsure after that then yes I think you need to visit your GP.

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