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please help!!

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cloggs142 · 19/10/2012 22:19

i have an 18month old ds, and around 9 months ago went back onto the pill. id previously taken the pill from 13 years old to control horrendous periods...and carried on taking the same one (mycrogynon) until around 8 months before i fell pregnant. ds was not planned...i switched pills to cileste and fell pregnant on that...anyway. Went back on the microgynon pill, had horrible side affects. Shortness of breath terrible clotting bleeding for about 16 weeks straight. went to the doctors and sent straight to hospital with a suspected blood clot in the lung. millions of hideous tests and injections, but luckily managed to stop it before anything got bad. Was also taking mefanamic (?) acid at the time to try and stop the bleeding a bit.
after this docs said not allowed to take either the pill or mefanamic acid again as the risk of clotting is way too high.
sooooo....ive been trying to manage for months taking on for about 12 to 15 days at a time, with anthing from one to five weeks between periods ( frantic pregnancy testing is a regular occourance) im so ill for the first 5 days that im literally to the point of not being able to function. i spend almost £40 on sanitaryu towels on a bad month and just cant carry on liuke this. the doctors will not take me seriously. they gave me the option of the coil....but said especially in my situation the risks of bleeding heavily and for a long time are high.
please please please if anyone has any clue as to what i should do, i would be so grateful. anyone in a similar situation? what worked for you? xx

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2andout · 20/10/2012 14:59

God you poor thing that sounds utterly horrendous :( I have a Mirena coil which has gradually reduced my periods to almost nothing, but I have never had the really heavy periods you describe. I would just suggest not giving up & keep going back to the docs until you get a solution. Can you ask to be referred to a specialist gynaecologist maybe?? xx

wirelessrouters · 25/01/2013 06:21

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xkcdfangirl · 25/01/2013 06:42

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That sounds horrendous but if your current health-care providers aren't offering you any other options then it's time to find another provider you can't carry on like that. I'm horrified that you can't take mefenamic acid any more, that was the only thing that kept things bearable for me before I got my mirena.

It's true that some people respond to the mirena coil with heavier periods but far more people have a reduction in the bleed. I have no idea whether it would be sensible to give it a go and see what happens.

Are you planning on having any more children? There are some treatments for menorrhagia which are more effective but shouldn't be used until after you have finished having children. See (also but this seems to be a more commercial site) - perhaps your best plan would be to have one of these?

meditrina · 25/01/2013 07:05

As well as contraception, have you considered going back to GP to ask fo a gynae referral? It does sound as if you should be checked for any underlying causes (eg fibroids).

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