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contraception - got all the cold hard facts but can't decide which one help please??

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susiegrapevine · 08/10/2012 16:30

Ok just had my son 7 weeks ago and obviously don't wanna get pregnant anytime soon. Am breastfeeding and plan to do so for at least the year I did with my 1st. Don't want anymore kids either so got all the info and have read and digested on the implant, injection, copper coil and the mirena coil. Know I don't want the mini pill cos kept forgetting to take it last time so there is no hope. Dh will be having a vasectomy but not anytine soon as from the info we have on that they will not do anything so soon after having a baby.

Anyway please help with which one to go for. Sometimes's I think there is too much choice!

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vodkaanddietirnbru · 08/10/2012 16:59

have had the injection - bled lots and put on loads of weight. Can delay return of fertility after stopping it and it can thin your bones

copper coil - haven't had it but it can make periods longer, heavier and more painful

implant - several people I know have had bad experiences with it and all got it removed early (bleeding, mood swings, etc)

mirena - have it just now and have had no problems so far and very little bleeding (just for a couple of days every so often - bleeding is very light too)

susiegrapevine · 09/10/2012 08:35

Thanks. Its the heavier more painful periods that are worrying me. I used to have heavy painful periods but then used the normal pill for a few years and they became less painful and less heavy. Came off it and they stayed lighter but still every other period is really painful. Coil was worrying me also because I know someone who got pregnant off it. Plus the weight gain thing was bothering me with the injection as I am already over weight.

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