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Mirena Weight Gain - has anyone else experienced?

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Hethy1 · 29/09/2012 18:24

I had the Mirena coil inserted late May this year and since have put on about 4 kg. I've never changed weight in my adult life and I am a triathlete so train 6 days a week. I've made a massive concerted effort to get it off in the last 4 weeks but it is just not shifting and I am miserable cause I'm starvin'! I don't normally even think about what I eat really, but I am starting to obsess about food which is mentally draining and boring for me (and my husband). All my times are down/clothes are tight and it is so depressing... I know its only been 4 months but do I wait to see if everything settles down? Or just get it out as it is not for me? I went on it to help with heavy periods but to be honest have been bleeding/spotting 14 days of my cycle and then a clear discharge the rest of the time (sorry). I guess I am asking if anyone else has had this experience and if it settles down?

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