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Crap! Coil has come out!

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Woodyhels · 18/09/2012 07:16

Not been having the best time with the mirena coil and intended on seeing the Dr in the near future to talk about removal.

However, I had loads if stomach cramps last night (thought it was another bleed, tmi) got up this morning, had a shower and went to the loo, thought I felt something, getting dried and plop, coil was on the floor!

Not totally gutted it's out, but, does anyone know doI need the map? We were last active Saturday, also do I need checking out or can I just see the Dr in the next day or so?

Can't say I'm sad about it but DD us not ing any siblings and need to sort something out!

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Susieloo · 18/09/2012 07:20

I have called NHS direct when not sure about map, they were really helpful, hth

Woodyhels · 18/09/2012 07:51

Thanks, am away from dp at the moment so slightly panicking as he is my calming influence!

Our Drs is pretty good so thinking if I can get an appointment this avo it should be ok?

I don't have much success with nhs direct Sad

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Lougle · 18/09/2012 08:01

I found this:

"Your doctor can remove the system at any time. The removal is easy. Unless you plan to have a new system or an intra-uterine device fitted immediately, it is important to use another form of contraception in the week leading up to removal. Intercourse during this week could lead to pregnancy after Mirena is removed."

So, if you last had intercourse 3 days ago, there is a real possibility (depending on where you are in your cycle) that you could get pregnant. But the traditional Morning After Pill (Levonelle) is only 58% effective if taken at 72 hours after Intercourse, and you're beyond that now. EllaOne is a new Morning After Pill which is effective for up to 5 days after intercourse. The Copper Coil can also be used for up to 5 days after intercourse.

Woodyhels · 18/09/2012 09:58

Thanks for that link!

Am trying to get through to the drs now for an appointment, no luck so far!

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Woodyhels · 18/09/2012 10:05

Just got an appointment for this afternoon so fingers crossed Dr can sort me out with the MAP and the standard pill to prevent and suprises!

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