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How were your periods after having the copper coil?

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GemmaReeto · 17/09/2012 00:44

I'm considering having the copper coil as since the birth of my daughter 10 months ago I feel the pill doesn't suit me anymore (previously on cezarette- due to migraines- with no issues for 5 years)
I have been having frequent headaches and occasional migraines which I feel are related to hormones plus irregular bleeding and to be honest I'm sick of buying sanitary towels at the moment!
I know it may be painful to have inserted and think I can deal with this but I'm wondering about people's experiences with their periods after insertion.
When I'm not on the pill my periods are very regular, I suffer period pains for a couple of days and am quite heavy for about 3 days then light for about 4 days.
Are the horror stories about extremely painful, long and heavy periods correct? Do these settle down after a few months?
Any feedback would be well appreciated

OP posts:
PositiveAttitude · 17/09/2012 00:48

I didn't see too much change with the copper coil. Maybe a little heavier, but nothing too bad.
With the Mirena mine have virtually stopped and I love it!! Grin

Oh, and it really isn't that painful being put in. It is not the most favourite thing in the world, but I didn't find it painful, just a bit uncomfortable like having a smear, really.

daimbardiva · 18/09/2012 09:08

I didn't find insertion painful at all, but my periods are now so heavy and long (a week!) that I'm considered chagning to mirena

piratecat · 18/09/2012 09:10

what is the difference between the two types of coil?

RillaBlythe · 18/09/2012 09:11

Copper is not hormonal.

I also saw no real difference - slightly heavier.

Emmaonthehill · 20/09/2012 10:36

Copper makes periods heavier and longer, won't always settle.

Mirena is hormonal, makes them lighter and may even disappear altogether. Only very small amount of hormone which acts locally on lining of womb only.

Hope that helps

MrawMraw · 29/09/2012 23:54

I had it for a few years after DD1. My periods did become heavier and longer and a bit more painful, but not unbearably so, and those were the only side-effects.

Queenofsiburbia · 30/09/2012 00:19

I had copper coil as wanted to stop taking pill, and there are t any non-hormone alternatives that aren't condom-like.

I had it pre-pregnancy & was warned insertion could be painful so Dr prescribed a Valium which I think helped! Not really too bad & that part wouldn't put me off having again.

However my periods completely changed. I went from being relatively light to long and very heavy....2nd / 3rd period after having it, I remember soaking through a heavy duty tampon & towel in less than half an hour - made me completely paranoid about going out!!! Plus was incredibly painful cramps.

It did get better but even after a year my periods were heavier & longer; a week of 'proper' period, & period pain much worse. Having it taken out when TTC made me realise the big difference when my periods went back to normal!

I'm now pregnant & wondering what to do afterwards as definitely want to avoid hormones (I get very bad chloasma).

I think main problem is lack of non-hormone alternatives.

FlamingoBingo · 30/09/2012 00:23

Fine at first, but then gradually as the months went on got more and more painful and heavier and heavier, until one summer holiday was lying in bed with the awful cramps and went to the local GP to get it taken right out :(

Had the same experience with one a few years before.

Doesn't mean you'll have the same issues, though - I know women who've had similar experience to me and women who have been fine with it.

I didn't want the mirena as didn't want the hormones.

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