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Byebye Nexplanon, bane of my life!

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AndieMatrix · 21/08/2012 15:49

When I was originally researching my implant (after DD was born in Oct 2010) all I read was glowing reports of no periods and reduced PMT, the occasional complaint about weight gain but nothing to really put me off.
I had my implant put in at my 6week check so Dec 2010 and for the first 3 months had no periods. Hooray, I thought, having been told that it settles after 3 months and whatever happens during that time is generally how you continue. Lies! I then had a 3month bleed (mostly pretty heavy) with the same intense cramps I used to get before having my 2 DC. From then on I'd have a period every other week for about 2 months then go 3 months without one and bleed for 3weeks (and various other combinations) the start of this year the cycle seemed to calm down to 6weekly but PMT and cramps increased, along with tiredness, tearfulness and kid cycle bleeds and cramps. Dr checked me for uterine infection or any other obvious problems and concluded that my implant and my body are no longer getting on so I'm off to the family planning clinic tonight to have the thing taken out.
I would not ever recommend Nexplanon to anyone....EVER!
Funnily enough it's only today that I've been looking it up again and seen all the other horror stories!

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Naysa · 22/08/2012 14:30

I got mine in June, I liked the look of it because I have a funny sleeping pattern and can't guarantee that I can take the pill at the same time everyday.
I've now been bleeding for almost 10 weeks and have been prescribed a lot of tablets from my doctor. 9 to be exact, typical of me, not wanting to 1 tablet and end up with 9 :/ I wouldn't recommend it. On the odd days I'm not bleeding I can't get wet when trying to have sex with my partner and have spent many nights sobbing for no reason :/

AndieMatrix · 22/08/2012 19:03

The same for me. I've come to the conclusion that it's such an effective contraception because it just stops you having sex!

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GimmeIrnBru · 14/10/2012 16:07

I have had mine for 9 months. been very emotional, teary, suicidal and heavy bleeding. so it's coming out next week! appointment made a few days ago. cannot take it any longer. also would not recommend this to anyone due to the horrendous time i am having.

GimmeIrnBru · 19/10/2012 19:07

Implant is out! Having 'my implant's out!' party tonight! Thank goodness, can live my life again now!

lubeybooby · 19/10/2012 19:09

Congratulations Gimme! God it's AWFUL isn't it? In so many ways. Was for me anyway, I hated it so much.

GimmeIrnBru · 19/10/2012 19:14

"God it's AWFUL isn't it?"

Too right! I was dreaming about it being removed since my appointment was made last week! Huge relief to know there's no hormones coursing around my body now.

KarenDiana · 02/11/2014 20:54

I just wanted to share my experience with Nexplanon. Like some of the other participants on the forum - when I researched the drug there were overwhelmingly more positive than negative reviews so I decided to use Nexplanon for my birth control. The first 3 months were fine - the occasional spotting but nothing serious. BUT, it all changed after the first 3 months.

I had this sudden weight gain, it must have been about 10 pounds over a course of 3 weeks and losing the weight was almost impossible. However, I decided to stick it through since weight gain is better than being pregnant.

At this point, the spotting started increasing and it was also super erratic so I had to wear pantiliners almost everyday just to be safe.

Then the mood swings started - I could go from being extremely happy to being anxious and worried in a space of a couple of hours. It was absolutely terrible.

To make matters worse, I started to forget stuff. I just couldn't remember something said to me in the previous 15 minutes. Generally I have a pretty good memory so I was super surprised by this and it took me some time to realize that the Nexplanon was the cause of my distress.

Finally, I decided to remove the damn thing but not before I had a month of severe bleeding. It seemed to me as if I was having a miscarriage. It was almost continuous and extremely intense.

I was able to get the thing removed last week. I was extremely relieved and have been excited for my hormones to rebalance. I have been on a heavy period since 3 days after the removal and I am hoping that this will be the last side effect from this drug.

I hope that other women looking for birth control options will find this helpful.

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