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Has anyone been sterilised? Thoughts and experiences please....

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ladywithnomanors · 06/07/2012 20:43

I'm 36 and have 3DC of 6yr, 4yr and 2yr. I know that I don't want any more children. I'm thinking seriously about getting sterilised ( DP won't have a vascetomy). I'd love to hear peoples experiences of this as I haven't a clue what to expect.

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MarianForrester · 06/07/2012 20:51

I got Essure sterilisation. No op, no anaesthetic, no babies!

Was brilliant. I got it on NHS for various reasons; can't do hormonal contraception and stuff. you can do it privately too tho.

I am very happy with it ( so is DH as no snip for himSmile)

ladywithnomanors · 06/07/2012 20:55

How do they do it then without an op? Did you have any pain or side effects?

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MarianForrester · 06/07/2012 22:02

No pain, bit like smear, I suppose. They put some things in the Fallopian tubes; they cause them to become blocked. You get a scan 3 months later to confirm it's worked, and that's it.

I was keen as didn't want GA and DH not keen for vasectomy. So far so good.

Oblomov · 07/07/2012 14:15

I had classic sterilisation. Felt like majory surgery. I would say the recovery was very similar to my 2 cs's that I had had. Took atleast 6 weeks to get over. No one had warned me that it was going to be like that. Was tough. But saying that, best thing I ever did. Really glad. No more worries. Fab.

QueenStromba · 08/07/2012 18:42

I've also had Essure done. The hospital I had it done in does it under GA as standard. I'm glad they do because I was in agony when I came to like really bad period pain so I probably would have had to ask them to stop if I'd been awake. It was a few days before I was able to stop taking pain killers. I didn't react terribly well to the GA and felt terrible for nearly a week afterwards. Its been more than 4 months since I had it done and I've not had any discernable side effects.

MarianForrester · 08/07/2012 20:46

Goodness, mine took about 3 minutes, wide awake, couple of ibuprofen beforehand, train home by self after. No after effects at all. Phew!

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