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Want to complain about contraceptives - all of them!

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Dragonwoman · 05/07/2012 23:57

What do you do if no contraception agrees with you?

Anything hormonal kills my sex drive dead. To the extent that sex is repulsive & I can't even pretend to like it. Even if Brad Pitt were to offer I'd refuse.

Have tried the combined pill, cerezette & the vaginal ring. All the same. So not optomistic about anything else hormonal really.

The plus side of the cerezette is it stops my periods completely. Other hormone methods enable me to use back-to -back to avoid too many periods. Thats the other thing. My periods are hateful & painful. So I think the copper coil is out. Even more so as I went to have a Merina fitted (before I twigged about the hormone/sex drive thing) and the doc couldn't fit it despite lots of bleeding even though I've had vaginal births. Something about scar tissue on the cervix apparently - I didn't want to ask more!

I don't want the finality of sterilization for me or dp even though I'm pretty sure my family is complete.

I have concieved twice using condoms (well not using them really, but I now don't trust myself to use them in the heat of the moment).

Think I've covered every method there, so don't expect anyone to have a miraculous idea, but feel better for the moan. In reality, I guess we'll go back to condoms and try and be more sensible than last time!

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QueenStromba · 06/07/2012 10:50

I feel your pain. I have the same issues (except for the condoms - I just really hate them and don't see them as a long term option) so I got myself sterilised.

Dragonwoman · 07/07/2012 18:50

DP now researching the male pill! I'm not hopeful that anything reliable has been developed yet!

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OldLadyKnowsNothing · 07/07/2012 18:58

The male pill will be available in about five years. I've been hearing that since 1988.

HoneyDragonWearingLederhosen · 07/07/2012 19:04

I used the cap for 5 years. You need to nag for a referral to someone who can fit it.

I now have the copper coil and it is very good. My terrible periods turned into really heavy bastards for about 6 months and now they are fine. Not heavier but probably at a day longer.

emptycloud · 07/07/2012 21:49

for some reason they just dont work for me :(

QueenStromba · 07/07/2012 21:57

Actually the copper coil and something like mefenamic acid to lighten your periods might be a good option. There is a reversible vasectomy procedure which has done really well in trials. They inject something into the man's tubes which kills the sperm on the way past and when the man wants it reversed they inject something else which flushes the original thing out. They've tried it on 250 men so far in India and there has been only one pregnancy which makes it better than the pill linky.

I've been off the pill for just over a week after getting confirmation that my Essure sterilisation has worked and I'm already getting signs that it might be time to come off my antidepressant.

Dragonwoman · 08/07/2012 17:08

Yeah but the doc can't get a coil in! If I really wanted one I would have to go to the hospital and have it put in under GA. Not that keen as the possibilty of painful periods may mean removing it again shortly after. And I'm not prepared to wait 6 mths for them to settle down as I'm in a new job and can't risk taking time off sick every month. I used to have to go home when my periods were really bad cos I'd be doubled up with pain and passing out. Since the kids theyre much better but I won't risk going back to that again. - it was worse than childbirth!

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