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Vasectomy may not have worked and Mirena in @ 6 years ...... What to do?

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Kazzabob · 15/04/2012 09:49

Husband has been in twice to have a vasectomy - second time was really bad. We'd originally timed it that it would all be done and dusted before the5 years for the mirena was up, but best laid plans and all that.

I still don't have any bleeding with the Mirena but I don't know if that means it's still working, but we've also not received the all clear from the V (and it's been nearly a year since the second op) - his first was positive, second negative and third inconclusive - will be sending in a forth next week. HOWEVER! It was my 40th last week and he kindly got me a surprise week to Mexico without the kids!!! For w/c 24th! So what to do, I have been given a packet of cetrazette which is that going to make me psychotic on holiday due to hormones or do I just carry on as still have no bleeding and it's lasted this long ....


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hathorinareddress69 · 15/04/2012 09:51

Take condoms just in case.

catsareevil · 15/04/2012 10:00

Anytime to get the Mirena changed before you go? Though that could make the vasectomy feel pointless.

Kazzabob · 15/04/2012 10:00

I hate condoms! Not used them in years and the idea of them just turns me off - rubbish a know but there it is!

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Kazzabob · 15/04/2012 10:02

Don't think I could get it changed beforehand plus I would probably be spotting throughout the holiday - which would put paid to any action anyway! Wink Ironic thing is We had real problems getting pregnant with my son - took over two years!

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