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Copper coil and loooooong periods?

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LittleMissSpeedy · 27/01/2012 16:27

Hi Everyone

This is my first post on MN and hopefully not the last :) I will apologise in advance if there is TMI for some in this post Wink

I had a 5yr Copper Coil fitted 2/11/11, I was told to expect longer and heavier periods but I'm starting to get worried.

My first period after the fitting was 11/11/11 and last 4 days (this was just like what I used to have, heaviest on the first day then got lighter and lighter).

My second started 04/12/11 and lasted 10 days (started light then heavy and then back to lighter and lighter again).

My third (and current) period started properly 13/01/12 (I had 4 days of the lightest spotting before this) and as of today I am on my 14th day of bleeding with no end in sight (if you include the spotting days its 18 days of bleeding). I have been what I can only describe as medium flow the whole time.

Is it time I went and saw somebody?

Thanks Little.Miss.Speedy

OP posts:
KidsDogCat · 27/01/2012 19:09

Hi LittleMissSpeedy,

I have had a similar problem, except that I am on my second period since the fitting and am still bleeding heavily after 7 days. Went back to the doc today and she checked that it was still in place, told me to take some iron supplements and gave me meds to slow the bleeding down. She said that if really heavy periods continued for more than four months she would recommend removing it, but it would probably settle. She said it might be my body trying to get rid of it. Might be worth seeing if you can see your gp, or whoever fitted it for advice? Hope this helps. :)

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