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Mirena coil and weight gain

7 replies

Nevercan · 09/01/2012 20:20

I may be paranoid but I have had this coil fitted for 3 months now and I swear j am gaining weight rapidly when my diet has basically changed. DD confirms i am not eating ang more than usual...Am I being paranoid? Has anyone else gained weight and lost it when it as removed?

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Nayy93 · 09/01/2012 23:20

lol all I'm saying is be careful I have the coil in and I recently found out I'm pregnant!!!

But haven't put on any weight since I have had it in.

Jasper · 09/01/2012 23:25

I always wondered if it contributed to weight gain.
Then I got I out and rapidly GAINED two stone .

Yes, you read that correctly

Nevercan · 10/01/2012 15:49

Oh yikes I will check I am not pregnant but hope not as DD2 is only 6 months old! may be I should keep it in then if I will gain more with it out Grin

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Nevercan · 11/01/2012 20:50

Nayy93 just thoughtbi would confirm I am not pregnant so I am pretty sure it is the could causing the odd weight gain

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Shanster · 04/02/2012 02:40

I went from 9 stone to nearly 10 stone in 7 months, then had it removed about a months ago. So far I am down about 3 lbs, but I had an awful experience with mirena overall. I felt like I had PMT every day, was bloated, tired, no sex drive. Feel much better since I had it out!

somanymiles · 04/02/2012 03:54

Have you changed breast feeding recently? If you have stopped it could be the reason for weight gain. I have the Mirena and have not noticed any weight gain.

Nevercan · 06/02/2012 19:53

Sorry for the delay. I stopped bfeeding over 3 months ago so I guess that might be a factor...

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