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Period hasn't returned after breasfeeding

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misbilenlaye · 16/12/2011 18:19

My DD is 1 now and I stopped breastfeeding her when she was 7-months however my period has not arrived yet. With my previous pregnancy it came back just after 2 months. My GP says it most probablycaused by stress. I was wondering if anyone had similar experience. Will i ever get pregnant again? What does this mean?

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liveinazoo · 17/12/2011 13:54

i stopped exclusively feeding my kids at 6 months.dd1 came back 3months later,dd24months later,ds1 6months and last dd was 13mnths before they returned..i think i was a bit more atressed with each child and that may have added to them getting slower to come back.try and relax im sure they will return soon

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